Daily Schedule''BreezeOfHealing" Yoga Retreats Miami

  Day1) When you arrive at the house, we will meet you with all our team and a welcome drink. Then you will be taken to choose the room and the bed, where you will see your beautiful dreams. All rooms are shared; some have 4 beds, some have 2, but all of them are about the same with queen-size beds(first come, first serve).  You will take a shower, soak in the jacuzzi, or swim in the pool with a breath-taking view while we wait for the rest of the group. If you are hungry, there are plenty of healthy snacks waiting for you. When everybody arrives, we will have a light dinner followed by an opening ceremony and meditation (and, of course, you will have a surprise). Don't forget that you are our children for that time! Sleep time.

  Day 2) You awaken from sweet dreams, your body rested from the flight and ready for your soul and mind's journey. Morning yoga with a relaxing water view will wait for you, just seconds from your bed. Organic, nourishing breakfast buffet, colorful fruits and veggies, freshly squeezed juices, can't wait for your stomach to enjoy it. Free time to digest the food. We will be in Miami, Florida, right? So why not enjoy the city on the first day to see all its beauty? So let's go on the yach trip, just our company. The healthy Atlantic ocean with blue water nourishes the skin with microelements, and the ocean breeze will clean your lungs. We will swim, have fun, take pictures, and save the moment for our memory. Lunch on the boat with a Miami view also doesn't sound bad, so why not? When we come back to our house, there is free time to take a shower after salt water. Maybe you also want to read your book. Who knows? The day was full of emotions. We got hungry—dinner is on the table already. A little break to digest. Soundhealing outside under the stars, really? Woow. We are so relaxed and sleepy, so let's get into our comfy beds.

  Day 3): Morning Yoga, breakfast, free time. There are kayaks for your use; take a ride on the lake if you feel like it. Don't forget, we have a pool and a djacuzzy. And let's go to try a Russian spa! That's so cool! Trust us, you'll feel like a newborn baby! You will be beaten with birch leaves. Don't get scared, lol it's worth it! Then, when you get warm enough, there is the Atlantic ocean to cool off. Sounds unreal! The combination of hot and cold temperatures is beneficial for blood vessel strengthening and much more, as we will explain later. Karaoke time in the spa with European cuisine has a place). When we get home, light dinner and sound healing right in your bed will wait for you to feel sleepy.

  Day 4): Morning yoga on the beach, which we always do in a variety of styles! Picnic breakfast on the beach, free time to swim, get some tan, take pictures, call your friends on Facetime to make them jealous.))) Home is waiting with lunch and relaxation. If you feel like it after that, we could separate and go for a walk around the town, Lincoln Road Walk, or maybe you just want to go shopping yourself. Dinner will wait for you at home, or maybe you will want to explore some restaurants on your own.

  Day 5): Morning yoga, breakfast, free time, paddleboard experience, lunch time, relaxation, closing ceremony, and dinner with a surprise. Here we are. Don't cry! I know you will, but we will too!

  Day 6): Morning yoga, and last but not least, breakfast with a view, kisses,  kisses See ya!

All activities are approximate and subject to change due to weather or mood conditions. What to take: sunscreen, swimsuit, beach shoes, yoga clothes, toothbrush, some clothes to change daily, travel insurance recommended, some $ when you on your own. Don't forget yourself, of course))) Please come with a good attitude and, all together, we will make a heart-warming voyage. Love you all!

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